Horton River Trip - 2003

"To young men contemplating a voyage I would say go." - Joshua Slocum


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In early 2003, while the snow was still deep, a friend sent me email saying she was going on a 23 day canoe trip in the Northwest Territories next summer. She knew of my goal to fly in Alaska one day, and while this wasn't Alaska, it was close. Would I be interested in flying her up to the trip? By the time I contacted her to say, "yeah, I'm interested", someone had dropped out. Might I be interested in canoing too? With some trepidation about my lack of experience with white-water canoing and wilderness expeditions, I joined the trip.

Here's a map of the trip, marking the path we flew up and back and showing where on Earth the Horton River is (look for the black rectangle, way up north). I also have a high resolution map for those of you who have large screens or want to zoom in.

Flight North

Canoe Trip - Part 1

Canoe Trip - Part 2

Canoe Trip - Part 3

Flight Home

David Bridgham
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